Friday, March 26, 2010

many apologies

for disappearing like we did! So much was going on late last year that i just needed to take a break. but we're still here! and ready to start blogging full force again :)

in case you have been wondering whats going on.....just a few things have been missed ;)

1. andrew and i are officially mr & mrs (or more appropriately dr & mrs)
2. i went back to school for my masters
3. brandon has grown wonders and has really matured into a little boy who loves to express himself
4. i now work part-time! 2 days a week!!
5. we are expected a second baby in october!!!

I think those are the major things.....doesnt seem like soo much was going on since ive been gone, now does it?!

Promise to write soon.....

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Allie Rose said...

ooh! Brandon! I like Brandon! -Allie